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Taking Divorce Seriously

Choosing to end your marriage is a serious decision. In addition to being a deeply emotional process, divorce is also a legal process – one that will impact the status of the most valuable parts of your life. Your rights to your children, home, assets and family can all be altered by your divorce. Therefore, as you begin this next chapter of your life, it is critical that you – and your attorney – take the time to end your marriage correctly and effectively. As you begin this next chapter of your life, it is essential that you seek professional help from an experienced attorney.

From his offices in Nacogdoches and Lufkin, lawyer James R. LoStracco Jr. works directly with spouses to provide personalized attention and strong advocacy throughout a divorce. To work with an attorney committed to doing it right, contact LoStracco Deppisch, PLLC, today.

Compassionate Counsel From Passionate Professionals

Divorce is often more complex than many Texans imagine. Challenging disputes concerning “who gets what” – your house, vehicles, pets, investments or retirement accounts – become even more difficult when custody and visitation rights to children are involved. In these circumstances, the guidance of a divorce attorney who knows the law and who is dedicated to helping Texans move forward from their marriage is essential.

The team at LoStracco Deppisch, PLLC, pairs a passion for family law with compassion for our clients. Our extensive experience navigating Nacogdoches and Angelina County divorces enables us to support you throughout the legal process – helping you move forward with confidence.

Mr. LoStracco can also be retained to mediate Texas divorces.

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