Cost-Effective Service From Our Attorney And Staff

Misti Cranford



Misti Cranford was born and raised in Nacogdoches, Texas.  She graduated from Central Heights High School in 2003.  She grew up with an interest in law and started working at our firm in October of 2007.  She developed her skill as a litigation and family law legal assistant through many years of hard work assisting clients for the firm and is our current Senior Legal Assistant.   She believes that having a “hands on” approach with work for clients is where you truly learn to provide excellence to clients in both communication and support.  In 2022, she had her 15 year anniversary with the firm.  We are so proud of the work that she has done, how she has helped build our firm’s reputation, and what she brings to the LoStracco Law family.  She has done so much and helped so many people over the years.  Misti says, “This career has truly been rewarding and I love what I do!  Although it is hard work and we put in many hours and see many difficult and tragic situations, we help so many people.  Helping others is what I am passionate about.”  Dance, music, and fitness is also something Misti is passionate about. She teaches a Zumba class Monday through Friday after work at the Nacogdoches Recreation Center.  She started teaching Zumba in October of 2012.  That part of her life and her students have been such a blessing to her over the years, and LoStracco Law Firm has a great deal of pride in Misti’s “second profession” as a fitness instructor.  She says she feels that dance or exercise in general is therapeutic and it has been just that for her.  Regarding her two professions Misti states, “I believe that the work I do in my life both personally and professionally are truly what I was called to do and my goal is to help all people in various types of situations to the best of my ability.”  We are so thankful for Misti at LoStracco Law Firm and look forward to many more years of teamwork.

Jessica Twemlow



Jessica is a tiny girl living in a tiny home. Jessica was born and raised in Hudson, Texas, and graduated from Hudson High School in 2011. She then graduated from Angelina College with an Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal in 2016. Jessica began working as a part-time File-Clerk at LoStracco Law Firm in April 2018. Since then, she has worked her way up to Legal Assistant for Wills and Probate. Jessica is the mother of two fur babies and an aunt to a niece and nephew.

Claudia Ibarra



Claudia was born in Mexico and raised in Cushing, Texas. She is fluent in Spanish and English, and Spanish is her native language.  She became fluent in English by attending public school and watching English-speaking shows.  Her family migrated to the United States when she was seven years old. Claudia graduated from Cushing High School in 2009 in the top 10 percent of her class. Claudia is the eldest daughter of wonderful and hard-working parents. Because her parents worked hard to provide for their families, their example taught Claudia to be patient, understanding and compassionate toward others. At a young age, she tended to the needs of her siblings and helped her parents with translation issues, document preparation, and the managing of bills. Claudia appreciates her upbringing, despite the challenges she faced at a very young age – including cultural shock and language barriers. She tells her parents that this is the career they helped prepare for her. Although she was not always interested in law, she always knew that she wanted to help people, especially the Hispanic community, because of the hardships her parents faced. Claudia understands firsthand the struggles Hispanics face due to a lack of knowledge of the law. Claudia can assist them with knowledge and understanding of the law, especially if that knowledge is due to language barriers. She can also help them overcome their fear of America’s legal system. Claudia began working at the firm in 2013 as a receptionist and moved up in the firm to legal assistant in September of 2020. She will be celebrating her 10-year anniversary in 2023. Claudia decided to take that giant leap of faith because she wanted to do more to help people. Claudia finds it very rewarding that she can guide and help individuals to the finish line, despite the kind of family law case. Claudia strives to be the helping hand and friend they need during these difficult times. When Claudia is away from the office, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. One of her favorite activities is attending concerts.